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List of IEEE in our library from 2022

(перечень имеющихся IEEE за 2022г.)

IEEE Std C37.104-2022
IEEE Std 1184-2022
IEEE Std 1484.11.1-2022
IEEE Std 1609.2.1-2022
IEEE Std 1780-2022
IEEE Std 1786-2022
IEEE Std 2418.10-2022
IEEE Std 2621.1-2022
IEEE Std 2621.2-2022
IEEE Std 2621.3-2022
IEEE Std 2753-2022
IEEE Std 2779-2022
IEEE Std 2800-2022
IEEE Std 2801-2022
IEEE Std 2819-2022
IEEE Std 2846-2022
IEEE Std 2870-2022
IEEE Std 2871-2022
IEEE Std 3333.1.3-2022
IEEE Std 360-2022
IEEE Std 3801-2022
IEEE Std 3802-2022
IEEE Std 577-2022
IEEE Std 620-2022
IEEE Std 7002-2022
IEEE Std 765-2022
IEEE Std 802.15.4aa-2022
IEEE 2846 Literature review on kinematic properties of road users for use on safety-related models for automated driving systems 2022
IEEE 3D body processing industry connections. Comparative analysis of anthropometric methods - past, present, and future 2022
The IEEE global initiative on ethics of extended reality (XR) report. Metaverse and its governance 2022

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